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BLACKROLL Balls are perfect for regenerating your muscles and ensuring prolonged release of tension. They can be used on a table, wall or floor to target deeper laying muscles as well as the arms, neck and feet.

Performance Wedges

Sold as a pair, these foam wedges are ideal for yoga, Pilates, physical therapy and fitness training and serve as an assistant for alignment and form during squats, planks, pushups, and balance-related movements.

Galaxy AXIS® Standard Foam Rollers

For seasoned athletes, fitness instructors and health professionals, the OPTP® Galaxy AXIS® is an economical standard-density roller that offers long-lasting durability.

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Age Perfected Pilates

Written by a physical therapist for the mature fitness enthusiast, this resource will show you how to perform simple mat exercises to help reduce muscle and joint pain. Incorporating weighted balls, the Soft Gym Overball, or the BodyBolster® can provide additional challenge, for an efficient workout to improve posture, strength and flexibility.

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Sanctband® Pilates Essentials

Adding the progressive resistance of Sanctband helps you integrate Pilates movements into a whole body experience, better connect with your body for greater understanding, and integrate body and mind to create a life of balance, purpose, and joy. This book shows you how. Plus, receive a FREE green (medium) 5’ Sanctband® Resistance Band with book purchase.

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Franklin Posters Complete Set

These posters feature the pelvis, spine and neck, using colorful images to artfully demonstrate the subtle flow and balance of the human body. Size: 11.5” x 16.5”

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Thera-band® Stability Trainer — Black X-Soft

These oval-shaped foam pads provide a progressive system of balance training for rehab, post-rehab, conditioning and fitness applications. The black pad is extra soft.

PROSSAGE® HEAT Therapy Ointment

Formulated specifically for deep tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy, PROSSAGE® HEAT is an all-natural area-specific warming ointment that contains properties that calm thermoreceptors and increase the amount of blood flow and oxygen to the area, relaxing muscles and ligaments.

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Physiotherapeutic Management of Lumbar Spine Pathology

Details a practical manual therapy approach to the assessment and treatment of lumbar spine pathology, with a strong emphasis on clinical reasoning.

ActivMotion Bar®

Experience an exercise breakthrough with this bar that holds shifting, weighted ball bearings inside, to create instability that challenges and activates the core.