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Women's Day 2018

International Women’s Day

As a woman-owned company, OPTP is especially proud to celebrate International Women’s Day. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been partnering with leading experts to deliver tools for improved health and wellness. Many of these partnerships have been with accomplished women who work in the fields of physical therapy and fitness. We recognize the following women for their many contributions to the industry.

Valerie Phelps, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT

IAOM-US believes the essential starting point for orthopedic care is relevant clinical diagnosis. There are many organizations and education providers in the field of physical medicine. The IAOM-US difference is its emphasis on relevant, evidence-based clinical diagnosis as the basis of effective treatment. Valerie is a lead instructor.


Well-known for her clinical work on thoracic, lumbar and pelvic (sacroiliac) disability and pain, Diane Lee is a proponent of using evidence-based programs in clinical practices as shown by her books offering examination, diagnosis and treatment techniques. She’s also dedicated to working with women after pregnancy, helping them restore form and function. Her patented SI belt, THE COM-PRESSOR™, is perfect for post-pregnancy retraining and many other uses. Diane teaches around the world and is co-founder of the educational company, Discover Physio.

Angela Kneale, OTD, MA, OTR/L, NBC-HWC

As an occupational therapist, integrative health coach, Franklin Method® educator and certified Stott Pilates® instructor, Angela uses her skills to enhance individual, corporate and community wellness. She specializes in the integration of movement, breathing, postural alignment and relaxation techniques. Her series of Pilates and self-massage instructional books comprehensively describe effective uses for the PRO-ROLLER®Sanctband® and Stretch Out Strap

Stacy Barrows, PT, DPT, GCFP, PMA®-CPT

Stacy Barrows’ SMARTROLLER® is inspired by her years of physical therapy experience with everyone from senior citizens to professional athletes. She lectures to health and fitness instructors worldwide on sensory motor learning using the Feldenkrais® Method and the treatment of shoulder pain, and has co-authored a study on the use of Feldenkrais with fibromyalgia patients. As co-owner of Century City Physical Therapy Inc., Stacy practices manual therapy, the Feldenkrais Method and Pilates-integrated rehabilitation.

Sara Meeks, PT, MS, GCS, KYT

Specializing in the management of patients with low bone mass (osteopenia) and skeletal fragility (osteoporosis) since 1984, Sara Meeks developed an evidence-based 12-part program designed to prevent, arrest or reverse the Patterns of Postural Change. Now with over 50 years experience in physical therapy, Sara holds regular seminars to teach her guidelines for physical therapy management, exercise classes, yoga, Pilates and other fitness programs, qualifying them as S.A.F.E. (Skeletally Appropriate For Everyone).

Lauren Roxburgh, Fascia and Alignment Expert

Lauren is a board certified Structural Integration practitioner (fascia expert) with a degree in nutrition and exercise science and certifications in Pilates and Pre/Post Natal Yoga. She has worked with numerous celebrities and professional athletes, and was named by Shape Magazine as one of their "50 Hottest Trainers in America" in 2014. Lauren’s signature technique, named Body Breakthru, is a body transforming, muscular sculpting, stress releasing, fascial remodeling technique that utilizes the foam roller. With this method, she has empowered scores of people with the knowledge of how to tone, balance, self-massage and restructure their own bodies. Lauren's book, Taller, Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique, features an at-home program focused on sculpting and toning fascia.

Cheryl Soleway, PT

With over 32 years of experience as a physical therapist and multi-certified fitness professional, Cheryl is a “teacher of teachers.” She is the recipient of CanFitPro’s Canadian Presenter of the Year award and a popular presenter at IDEA, AFPA, Fitness Resources, and international conferences in Europe and Australia. She is the author of several books on the use of FitBALLS® and body therapy balls. With posture, being the key to the fountain of youth, Cheryl Soleway’s Bod-Chi Ball is the perfect tool for self-massage and the care of the spine, joints, connective tissues and muscle for people of all ages.

Pat Guyton

Pat is a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified Teacher™ who began teaching Pilates over 26 years ago. A former dancer, gymnastics coach, and physical medicine assistant, Guyton had the opportunity to study with four First Generation Master Pilates Teachers, serve on the PMA board of directors, and present workshops nationally and internationally. She is the owner of Pat Guyton Pilates, Inc. and Pilates Conservatory®, a comprehensive Pilates teacher training program. Guyton is also a Franklin Method® Educator.

Donna Gambino, PT

Donna has stayed focused on her goal to help people become healthy, fit and maintain great posture throughout life. Her height (6 ft.) has motivated her to act as a posture advocate. She strongly believes that proper alignment is key to avoiding injury and long-term pain syndromes. Her passion has led her into work as a Pilates instructor, personal trainer, lecturer and author. Gambino’s broad background in fitness and orthopedic rehabilitation enabled her to develop the exercises in her first book, On a Roll @ Home. Now after years of adapting Pilates exercises for people of all ages, she has created a specialized program for older adults – Age Perfected Pilates. The underlying focus in all her programs is on developing good posture and core strength.

Christine Romani-Ruby, PT, MPT, ATC

Christine is the owner of PHI Pilates, a studio/PT clinic in Pittsburgh, PA that trains fitness and rehabilitation professionals in Pilates. Over the last 13 years, Christine has incorporated Pilates in her Physical Therapy practice and has presented workshops worldwide on the benefits of Pilates for both rehabilitation and wellness.

Elizabeth Larkam, MS Ed

Elizabeth Larkam is constantly evolving as a mind-body movement educator and practitioner. For over 25 years, she has combined her background in dance and her knowledge of Pilates to stretch the limits of the field. Among her many accomplishments, she created Pilates protocols for orthopedic, spine and chronic pain diagnoses, and collaborated with physical therapists to help wounded soldiers using Pilates techniques. She’s founded an international Pilates education company, worked with Cirque du Soleil, is Fitness Editor for PilatesStyle magazine and has an award-winning series of fitness and therapy DVDs.

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