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Deborah B. Riczo, PT, DPT, MEd

Deborah RiczoDeborah B. Riczo, PT, DPT, MEd

Deborah has more than three decades of experience practicing as a physical therapist, the majority in clinical practice at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. During that time, she developed a simplified method to evaluate and treat sacroiliac/pelvic girdle pain, in which she became a leading expert. Colleagues and other medical professionals began referring difficult cases to her. In 2011, Deborah founded Riczo Health Education, and developed continuing education courses for therapists in the areas of sacroiliac/pelvic girdle pain, pregnancy/postpartum, core strengthening and breast cancer.  She teaches sacroiliac/pelvic girdle dysfunction at the doctoral level, through webinars, and was a presenter at the 2018 APTA CSM National Conference.  Now she wants to share her knowledge and experience with the general public. 

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