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Stacy Barrows

Stacy Barrows, PT, DPT, GCFP, NCPT

A Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, and a registered Physical Therapist, Stacy is the owner of Smart Somatic Solutions Physical Therapy, Inc., a Los Angeles-based PT clinic. Stacy developed the SMARTROLLER® based on years of experience working with everyone from rehab patients and professional athletes to children and senior citizens. She has presented internationally on sensory-motor learning using the Feldenkrais Method® and co-authored a study on Feldenkrais and fibromyalgia. A lifelong learner, Stacy integrates her teachings with neuroscience, somatic education, and contemplative practices. Learn about her online SMARTROLLER® classes and more on Instagram: @Smartroller, TikTok: @Smartroller1, and Twitter: @feldyPT.
Learn more: www.smartsomaticsolutions.com

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