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JW Clip Mobilization Package

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Original Kaltenborn Concept Wedge™

Durable and easy-to-use mobilization wedge that’s specially designed for testing and mobilization of the spine and extremities. The molded groove on the Original Kaltenborn Concept Wedge™ relieves pressure on the spinous process, facilitating mobilization via the transverse process while mobilizing the spine. The bottom of the wedge can be used as a positioning tool for extremity mobilization.

Improved wedge angle and size for more effective treatment. Durable, non-slip rubber construction is comfortable for the patient.

Measures 4¼” W x 8” L (base) x 2½” H. Latex-free.

Mobilization Strap

Sturdy nylon straps to assist with joint mobilization techniques.

These durable Mobilization Straps are constructed of woven nylon and feature a push-to-release buckle. They are sold without pads and are available in several lengths. Straps can be used with the JW Stabilization Clip and JW Overwrap.

For use in conjunction with Freddy Kaltenborn’s manual therapy techniques.

The JW Stabilization Clip™

Quickly and securely attaches the Mobilization Strap to the edge of most treatment tables.
Metal clip specifically designed to affix the Mobilization Strap to most treatment tables. Attaches quickly and allows easy repositioning or strap length adjustment.

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