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Soft Replacement Ball

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This neck therapy ball can be used by itself for cervical spine exercise or as a replacement for the bladder in the Occipital Float.

This soft, inflatable ball is designed for cervical and neck stability exercise.

It can be used as a replacement bladder that goes inside the cover of the Occipital Float.

The ball also provides therapy when used by itself for additional cervical exercises, such as neck flexion, neck extension and neck rotation performed against a wall.

Ball features:
  • 12” diameter
  • Smooth surface
  • Made of latex-free, PVC material
  • Can be used within Occipital Float (sold separately) or by itself
  • Includes straw for easy inflation
Benefits of use:
  • Stabilization of cervical spine
  • Strengthening of muscles supporting the neck
  • Increased coordination and function of neck
  • Rehabilitation from whiplash or other neck injury

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