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The Sensitive Nervous System

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This classic text by Dr. David Butler updates and integrates the growing science of neurodynamics. Non-returnable.

Written from a clinician’s point of view, The Sensitive Nervous System offers a framework to engage and apply the advances in modern neurobiology. Physical examination of the nervous system is carefully illustrated and explained and management strategies are built upon cutting-edge neurobiology and evidence-based medicine.
Written by Dr. David Butler. Over 300 drawings/illustrations. Softcover. 432 pages.

"...the truly magical (book) with all the answers...When and if this text becomes required reading in our university programs we will have made some real progress as a profession. I think that each of us should own it today, and not wait for the academics to catch up. Our patients need us to know this now." -- Barrett L. Dorko, PT

"...The book often reads like a dramatic novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It will therefore be enjoyed as a book that provides an exciting summary of contemporary neurophysiology and cell biology while also providing a comprehensive framework for advanced clinical reasoning and the application of theoretical concepts in clinical practice." -- Nicholas Lucas, BSc MHSc (Osteopathy)

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