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Thera-Band® Hand Exerciser

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Increase grip strength, dexterity and mobility. Non-returnable.

Thera-Band® Hand Exercisers offer variable resistance for hands, fingers and forearms. They're recommended for arthritis, repetitive stress injury, stress reduction, stroke recovery and general strengthening. Microwave or freeze the non-toxic, hand exercisers for hot or cold therapy. Color coded to level of resistance; pounds of force listed is based on 50% compression.

5cm Diameter

The extra-soft yellow Hand Exerciser offers 1.5 lbs. of resistance.
The soft red Hand Exerciser offers 3 lbs. of resistance.
The medium green Hand Exerciser offers 5 lbs. of resistance.
The firm blue Hand Exerciser offers 8 lbs. of resistance.
The black extra-firm Hand Exerciser offers 17 lbs. of resistance.
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