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Science Meets Design: The Rollga® Foam Roller

Josh Crane, OPTP Staff Writer - September 27, 2017

As a company that sells foam rollers as one of its primary products, we get asked the question quite often: “What’s the science behind a foam roller?” Or, as some put it, “Really…how can there be technology in a piece of foam?”

The Rollga® Dynasty, OPTP’s newest addition to its extensive lineup of foam rollers, offers answers to some of these questions. Shaped to fit the body, the Rollga has a unique contour design that allows for targeted, invigorating massage for tension relief and muscle recovery.

As Rollga co-founder Tim Schmidt has noted, Rollga is also the only foam roller to pioneer cross-directional forces; its rounded edges produce multiple angles that stretch and separate the fascia, resulting in fascial shearing.

The roller’s rounded edges also offer protection for the ankle, thoracic spine, and hip while rolling. The less direct application of force means that we can spend more time rolling out fascia and less time hitting bones.

While it might not be the stuff of NASA engineering, it certainly shows how therapy and fitness products such as foam rollers are incorporating scientific smarts into their design.

Watch as Tim explains in more detail how the anatomy of the Rollga affects the anatomy of the body.


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Josh Crane, OPTP Staff Writer

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