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Experience the PRO-ROLLER Arch

It's so simple, yet so versatile. Why didn't we think of this years ago? Here's a taste of what the PRO-ROLLER Arch can do. What will you do with the Arch?
Lie on the roller with your head on the Arch, arms relaxed next to your body, knees bent and feet flat at hip-width apart. 
Inhale; arms reach into a "V." Exhale; draw elbows toward sides to form a "W."
Repeat 5-8 times

On hands and knees, neutral spine, with one knee resting on an Arch and the other knee hovering above floor. 
Exhale; reach your free leg and opposite arm away from each other. Inhale; return to starting position.
Repeat 5-8 times.

With three Arches underneath the roller, lie on the roller with arms relaxed next to your body, knees bent and feet slightly wider than hip-width apart.
Slowly rock your spine from side to side.
Repeat 5-8 times, alternating side.

Use the Arch to support, cushion and position anywhere on the body.
The versatility of the PRO-ROLLER Arch is being celebrated by health and fitness professionals like physical therapist and Pilates instructor Donna Gambino.
You will want this!
I have been waiting for something like this for my Pilates clients. The Arch is perfect for side lying work for clients with broad shoulders to keep their necks in alignment. Other great uses include side lying between the knees to level out the pelvis without the bulk of using a pillow. Can be used on the roller for clients with thoracic kyphosis to level the head. Great to support the foot/ankle in bed after a foot surgery. Also great for total knee clients who want to kneel to make it comfortable and keep pressure off the joint. Great exercise tool for balance exercises on the roller and a great way to cradle the head to relax neck muscles. Should I go on? Just get one. You will use it!!
-Donna Gambino, PT
The PRO-ROLLER Arch™ includes an exercise poster and is only available here.

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