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In Memory of Freddy Kaltenborn

A founding father of orthopedic manual therapy, Freddy Kaltenborn’s lifetime of work has impacted nearly everyone in the physical therapy field.

Beginning his career in the 1940s, Kaltenborn drew from orthopedic medicine, osteopathy and chiropractic to develop what became a world-renowned system for the manual treatment of joint conditions. A lifelong teacher, Freddy Kaltenborn has influenced generations of therapists through his courses and handbooks, and he has been integral in the advancement of manual therapy throughout the world.

We, at OPTP, are honored to have worked closely with Freddy Kaltenborn for over 35 years. You will be greatly missed. May your teachings live on forever.

Shari Schroeder of OPTP with Freddy Kaltenborn in 2001.

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