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Welcome to PROtalks

This monthly webinar series features conversations with leading health and wellness experts. Tune in each month to gain information and insights on the most important and compelling health, therapy and fitness topics.

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Next webinar

Empowering Children Challenged by Chronic Pain: Introducing Zoe and Zak’s Pain Hacks

Presented by:
Joshua Pate, PhD

Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 4pm CT

Dr Joshua W. Pate, a senior lecturer in physiotherapy at UTS and a passionate pain scientist, has written a new series of children's books called Zoe and Zak's Pain Hacks. The series aims to help children understand and discuss the complex and mysterious science of pain, particularly persistent pain. Consisting of five books, the first four address key concepts, while the fifth provides an empowering action plan.

During the webinar, Dr Pate will discuss the series and its purpose, as well as share the latest research in pediatric chronic pain education. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session. The ultimate goal of Dr Pate's work is to make pain science education accessible to everyone and reduce the overall burden of chronic pain.

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Fascial Roundhouses: Pivotal Places for Vitality

with Karin Gurtner


with Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD; Jennifer Welter, PT, DPT; and Jessie Podolak, PT, DPT;

Achilles Tendon Rupture: Rehab and Return to Sport

with Stacie Barber, PT, DPT

Healthy Hips with the Franklin Method®

with Eric Franklin

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with Sandy Hilton, PT, DPT, MS

Building a Better Balance Training Program

with Kristine Bragg, PhD


with Jillian McDowell, MPNZ, Dip. Phys., Reg. Physio Acup., Post Grad. Cert. Sports Med., Dip. MT, Cred. M.D.T., MPhty, MCTA

Answering the Call: Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine in Physical Therapy

with Ginger Garner, PT, DPT, ATC/L and Joe Tatta, PT, DPT

Lumbar Spinal Stabilization Exercise:
Where Does it Fit in the Greater Scheme of Spine Care?

with Donald R. Murphy, DC, FRCC

Using Props to Build Creative Pilates Flows

with Ashley DeLeon

Ischemia Reperfusion: The Hidden Injury

with Valerie Phelps, PT, ScD, OCS, FAAOMPT

Understanding Urinary Incontinence: The FIRST Step to Treatment!

with Sarah Haag, PT, DPT

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease, right? Myths, modern views & making better treatments

with Lorimer Moseley, PhD, FACP
and Tasha Stanton, BScPT, MSc, PhD

Applying the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept in Today’s Outcome Oriented Clinical Practice Environment

with John R. Krauss, PT, PhD, FAAOMPT
and César Hidalgo García, PT, OMT, PhD

What everyone should know about sacroiliac pain and pelvic girdle pain

with Deborah Riczo, PT, DPT, MEd

Equipping Future Physical Therapists for the Pain Epidemic

with Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD., Louie Puentedura, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, GDMT, FAAOMPT., Kory Zimney, PT, DPT, PhD., Stephen Schmidt, PT, MPhysio, OCS, FAAOMPT

Overcome back and neck pain:
Strategies for pain sufferers and those who treat them

with Dr. Yoav Suprun, DPT, OCS, Dip. MDT, CSCS

SMART SOMATIC SOLUTIONS: Learn ways to tap into your body’s sense of movement

with Stacy Barrows, PT, DPT, GCFP, NCPT

Franklin Method®: Dynamic Lower Back Fascia

with Eric Franklin

Mindfulness-Based Pain Relief

with Joe Tatta, PT, DPT, CNS

Incorporating SenMoCOR into Comprehensive Lower Quarter Musculoskeletal Management

with Phillip S. Sizer Jr., PT, PhD, FAAOMPT
and Brent K. Denny, PT, ScD, COMT

Practicing as a Manual Therapist: Why “just OK” is not OK

with Emilio Puentedura, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, GDMT, CSMT, FAAOMPT

Two Pain Revolutionaries on the Couch

with David Butler, B.Phty, M.App.Sc, EdD and Lorimer Moseley, PhD, FACP

Changing the Course of Back Pain the MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) Way

with McKenzie Institute® USA faculty members
Cora Aytona, DPT, OCS, Dip. MDT, FAAOMPT and Gary Dykes, PT, OCS, Dip. MDT


Twenty-five years and just getting started

with Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD

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