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CobbleFoam™ Uneven-Surface Balance Trainer

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Perform exercises to help rehabilitate the lower extremities following injury or surgery, and for vestibular training, sports training and more.

Developed by a physical therapist, this versatile balance training system simulates walking on uneven terrain. Improve balance by performing basic to advanced movements from walking, hopping, marching, lunging and static balance exercises. CobbleFoam™ is ideal for individuals recovering from injury or surgery, geriatric patients, athletes and everyone in between.

Features & Benefits


  • Includes foam base board with 16 durable foam blocks, 8 short and 8 tall
  • Blocks can be moved to form different patterns to vary challenge level
  • Multiple boards can be placed together to form a walkway
  • Includes insert with exercise instructions
  • Includes sturdy carrying bag with handles


  • Improve balance
  • Strengthen the lower extremities
  • Encourage recovery following injury or surgery
  • Improve sports performance
  • Perfect for use in the clinic, studio or at home

Product Details
  • Board constructed of EPP foam with a non-slip bottom
  • Each board includes 16 durable foam blocks: 8 short and 8 tall

Product Dimensions

Base board:

  • 16″ x 16″


  • 8 short (2 ¼″H)
  • 8 tall (2 ¾″H)

Basic Exercises

Perform basic exercises using one board or create a walkway by placing multiple boards side by side. Exercises can include walking forwards, sideways and backwards along the board/s, alternate limb marching, or stepping on and off the board/s.

Advanced Exercises and Gait Training

Perform advanced exercises using one board or create a walkway by placing multiple boards side by side. Exercises can include forward or reverse lunges, lateral lunges, single leg mini squats, and gait training exercises. Or, incorporate obstacles, such as a foam roller for added challenge.

OPTP® PRO-ROLLER® sold separately.

More Aggressive, Athletic Training

Create a large platform for performance training activities that involve running, lunging, hopping and more.

Create an Obstacle Course

Get creative with exercises by adding additional elements, such as balance pads or pods, slant boards, hurdles and more, to create a dynamic balance challenge.

Obstacles pictured sold separately.

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Complete set includes boards (2), blocks (16 short and 16 tall), and exercise instructions.
Single Board w/ Blocks includes board (1), blocks (8 short and 8 tall), and exercise instructions.
Replacement Blocks includes blocks (8 short and 8 tall).
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