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Gymnic® Myofascial Balls

Sku: LE8205
Sku: LE8206
Sku: LE8207

Target different muscle groups and alleviate stress and tension with these three different sizes of myofascial release balls.

Myofascial release balls alleviate muscle tension throughout your body.
Three different sizes are designed for varying experience levels and allow you to treat trigger points based on location and sensitivity.
The large, beginner size spreads force out over the big muscle areas. The smaller, advanced size targets specific muscles and penetrates tissue more deeply.
Needle pump (sold separately) required for inflation. Balls shipped partially inflated. Do not over-inflate. Supports up to 440 pounds.

LE8205 Gymnic Myofascial Ball 5” Blue (Advanced)
LE8206 Gymnic Myofascial Ball 6” White (Intermediate)
LE8207 Gymnic Myofascial Ball 7” Black (Beginner)

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