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Thoracic Pivot™

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Ideal for craniosacral treatment or mobilization of the thoracic spine and ribs, the Thoracic Pivot™ uses gravity to help correct abnormal sustained postures or positions.

Designed to be used without the Cervical Pivot™ and Lumbar Pivot™, the standard Thoracic Pivot™ can be used for craniosacral treatment, as a sacral wedge for mobilization, as a rib release tool or for sternal or anterior rib mobilization.

Ideal for people with forward head posture, the Thoracic Pivot retracts the scapulae to correct spine posture. It's also integral for treatment of the low back, as one cannot have proper lumbar mechanics without correct thoracic spine and rib positioning. Many cervical problems can also stem from improper thoracic positioning.

As part of the Pivotal Therapy System, the Thoracic Pivot uses gravity and a progressive increase in duration to reverse abnormal sustained posture or positions, like forward head posture. It is intended to be used independently. For use with the Cervical Pivot and Lumbar Pivot, select the Short Thoracic Pivot™.

Instruction card included.

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