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Core Exercises with Half Foam Rollers

Core Exercises with Half Foam Rollers

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Pilates Challenge with Foam Rollers Video

Pilates challenge with OPTP foam rollers

Step up your Pilates workout with an OPTP PRO-ROLLER™ and these challenging Pilates movements. Using a soft foam roller can increase the effect on your core with its less-stable surface.

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How to Choose a Foam Roller Video

How do I choose a foam roller?

How do you know which foam roller is best for you? Take a tour of OPTP’s exclusive foam rollers to discover the best way to get rolling.

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What is a Foam Roller Video

What is a Foam Roller?

Here’s your intro to foam rolling. Whether you’re looking for self-massage, stretching, core strengthening, myofascial release, Pilates or balance training, a foam roller is your ideal tool.

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Self-Massage Essentials with Foam Roller Video

Self-massage essentials with OPTP foam rollers

Relieve your sore, tight muscles and release soft-tissue restrictions using these simple self-massage techniques on the OPTP PRO-ROLLER™. Integrate foam rolling into your workout routine: rolling beforehand, to release muscle tension, and afterward, to decrease post-exercise soreness.

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Pilates Essentials with Foam Rollers Video

Pilates essentials with OPTP foam rollers

Learn balancing, breathing and strengthening Pilates techniques using the OPTP PRO-ROLLER™ to create an unstable surface, which increases the challenge and results of Pilates movements.

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Relieve Lower Back Pain with the Foam Roller

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Star Roller Massage Video

Massage Techniques for Legs, Glutes and Hip with a Foam Roller - OPTP STAR ROLLER™ Soft

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