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Pelvic Rocker Core Trainer

Activate deep core muscles, like the pelvic floor, to help improve core strength and stability with the Pelvic Rocker™ Core Trainer.

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Prenatal Exercises (Pilates Style) on the Pelvic Rocker™

Here are some top prenatal pilates exercises for women looking to keep the core strong and stable during pregnancy.

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Postpartum Exercises for Core Strength on the Pelvic Rocker from OPTP

Lots of mommas out there look to regain core strength following a pregnancy. With little time and many limitations regarding exercise, this can be very challenging. Luckily, we have the perfect tool for a safe, efficient and incredibly effective core workout!

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Core Strength Exercises with the Pelvic Rocker™ and Wobblesmart® - Summer of Self-Care

In this video, fitness professional Derek Mikulski, BS, CSCS, CPT provides an assortment of creative core strength exercises using a variety of innovative tools.

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercises with the Pelvic Rocker™

For many women, pregnancy and postpartum can make exercise selection challenging. Here are three safe core exercise options with the unique Pelvic Rocker Core Trainer.

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