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Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery, Third Edition

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Use imagery to increase self-awareness, improve body image and apply anatomical and biomechanical principles for more efficient movement.

Learn how to use imagery to increase self-awareness, improve body image and apply anatomical and biomechanical principles for more efficient movement with this newly updated third edition text. 
This expanded new edition includes: 
·      More than 600 anatomical imagery exercises to improve posture and body alignment, release excess tension and prevent injuries 
·      Over 500 full-color illustrations to help readers visualize the exercises and use them in various contexts 
·      Four audio files containing guided imagery exercises led by Franklin and set to music 
·      Updated chapters throughout the book, including new material and exercises to address fascia and connective tissue 
“The pictures and words in your mind influence the feelings in your body, which in turn feed your thoughts and mental pictures,” Franklin says. “To create powerful and dynamic alignment, you need to fertilize your mind and body with constructive information and weed out destructive thoughts.” 
This book will help readers do just that as they discover their natural flexibility and increase their power to move. Franklin expertly guides readers through foundational concepts of posture, dynamic alignment and imagery; explores different types of imagery and guidelines for using them; and delves into biomechanical and anatomical principles, including the body’s center and gravity, the laws of motion and force systems, and joint and muscle function. He then provides exercises for anatomical imagery, covering every area of the body from head to toe. The book closes with two critical chapters on defining dynamic alignment and on integrating dynamic alignment exercises into workouts and programs.
This text can be used for introductory dance and movement classes, as a reference for upper-level dance students, dance educators and those teaching somatic education. It’s also a great resource for instructors of dance, yoga and Pilates; bodywork professionals; athletic trainers; physical therapists; and athletes.
Illustrated. Softcover; 512 pages. 3rd Edition. 

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