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Pain Neuroscience Education: Teaching People About Pain

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The revised 2nd edition of this clinical guide contains significant updates and new content, explaining how to teach your patients about pain and integrate pain neuroscience education into your practice. 

Evidence shows that patients who better understand their pain, and what pain truly is, experience less pain, have less fear, move better, exercise more and can regain hope.
Pain Neuroscience Education is written by clinicians for clinicians, with all information presented in a way that is relevant and readily applicable to “real-world” clinical settings.
The authors deliver an evidence-based perspective on how the body and brain work together to create pain, teach how to convey this new view of pain to patients in a way that’s easily understood and internalized and demonstrate how to successfully integrate pain neuroscience education into a practice.
Covered in the book are topics such as:

  • The relationship between cognitions and pain
  • Concepts of pain neuroscience education (PNE)
  • Practical application of a PNE program
  • How to integrate PNE into movement-based practice
This textbook and clinical guide is not only the perfect way to introduce students to the evidence base and application of pain neuroscience education, but also helps clinicians productively treat chronic pain instead of just managing it.
Written by physical therapists Adriaan Louw, Emilio Puentedura, Steve Schmidt and Kory Zimney.
Illustrated. Softcover; 536 pages. Non-returnable.

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