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Your Fibromyalgia Workbook

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Turn down the pain associated with fibromyalgia with Adriaan Louw’s interactive patient book “Your Fibromyalgia Workbook.” 

Research shows that patients with a better understanding of their fibromyalgia-related pain, and the biology behind it, are able to move better, exercise longer, experience less pain and regain hope. “Your Fibromyalgia Workbook” teaches patients the current neuroscience understanding of pain in a personalized way to help turn down their extra-sensitive nervous system.

Written by physical therapist and clinical neuroscience researcher Adriaan Louw.

Illustrated, spiral bound. Softcover, 114 pages. Non-returnable.

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Downloadable Session Tasks available here.

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With fibromyalgia, the nervous system becomes extra sensitive and produces pain to protect the body, like an alarm system. Understanding more about pain turns this alarm system down to allow for less pain, improved function and recovery.
“Your Fibromyalgia Workbook,” written by physical therapist and clinical neuroscience researcher Adriaan Louw, incorporates the latest neuroscience understanding of the pain and disability associated with fibromyalgia. Facilitating effective cooperation between patients and healthcare providers, this patient workbook doesn’t simply educate but requires reflection and discussion on the patient’s struggles with fibromyalgia. This personalized approach allows complex neuroscience information to be easily internalized and applied by the patient.
Session topics include:
  • Current state of affairs for fibromyalgia patients
  • Understanding pain in fibromyalgia
  • Bodily systems defending in response to pain
  • The extra-sensitive nervous system
  • Fatigue
  • Treatment-plan goals
  • Pacing activity

"Your Fibromyalgia Workbook" includes more than 30 new full-color artist images centered on explaining the patient’s pain and enhancing the learning experience.

Written by Adriaan Louw. Illustrated, spiral bound. Softcover, 114 pages.
Read book review on Advance Healthcare.
Overall Rating
August 20, 2013 / Dana Scott, DPT - Springfield, Missouri

Your Fibromyalgia Workbook

I have already used this book with a handful of patients in the clinic. The chapters are broken down in a way that allows patients to really absorb the information. The Tasks (home work) have really assisted in opening up the communication between therapist and patient. The home work has really assisted me in gauging the patient's understanding of the concepts, as we move through the book. Many patient's have an out dated understanding of fibromyalgia. It is nice to be able to offer them a tool that is based on the lastest research.

Overall Rating
August 17, 2013 / Kory Zimney, PT - Sioux City, IA

Great workbook

As a practicing PT that works with some patients with fibromyalgia, this workbook is a great road map to help them improve their condition. The information and images help them increase their understanding of what is going on and what they can do to help. The breakdown of information with homework after each session is a great to help them progress week by week.

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