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Browse tried and true customer favorites to help improve strength, balance and flexibility. Check out the tools for performing exercises to help recover from injury and treat pain. Don’t forget the books and resources, filled with research-backed information to help people feel, and live, better. It’s all here, in the Fall 2023 Spotlight.

Treat Your Own Ankle & Achilles Tendon

The Treat Your Own series has helped thousands of people worldwide find relief from back, neck, knee, hip and shoulder pain. The newest book in the series, Treat Your Own Ankle provides education, foot strengthening exercises and self-management strategies to help treat pain when it arises and prevent recurrence of pain.

Written by Robin McKenzie with Grant Watson and Robert Lindsay. Illustrated. Softcover, 120 pages

The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Rolls and Supports

For more than 25 years, these durable, high-quality lumbar rolls and supports have helped hundreds of thousands achieve freedom from low back and neck pain. A variety of sizes and densities are available to meet your needs.

The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll™
The Original McKenzie® Early Compliance™ Lumbar Roll™
The Original McKenzie® D-Section™ Lumbar Roll™
The Original McKenzie® SlimLine™ Lumbar Support
The Original McKenzie® SuperRoll™ Lumbar Support
The Original McKenzie® Cervical Roll™
The Original McKenzie® Signature Lumbar Roll™
The Original McKenzie® Signature SuperRoll™ Lumbar Support
The Original McKenzie® Signature SlimLine™ Lumbar Support

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The Original Stretch Out Strap®

This durable woven strap features multiple loops that permit deep, gradual stretching of major muscle groups with greater safety, control and effectiveness than is possible unaided. The booklet includes 30+ contract-relax stretching techniques.

Stretch Out Strap® with Exercise Book
Stretch Out Strap® with Stretching Exercise Poster
Stretch Out Strap® XL with Training & Conditioning Poster
Stretch Out Strap® XL with Exercise Booklet

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PRO Shoulder Support™

Designed for post-surgical rehabilitation, overhead athletes, individuals recovering from injury or experiencing arthritis, and anytime relief, this support helps with shoulder pain, soreness and muscle fatigue. By elevating and decompressing the shoulder joint it counteracts gravity and the weight of the arm, which helps decrease pain and soreness. The support features an adjustable strap and can be worn while working on the computer, sleeping, watching TV, or any time you need relief.

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Franklin Method® Books and Tools

The Art & Science of Cueing

Best Cueing Practices for Successfully Teaching Yoga, Pilates and Dance

Written by renowned movement educator Eric Franklin, this essential guide offers cueing secrets for successfully teaching yoga, Pilates, dance and fitness classes. From basic concepts such as understanding the movement modality and assessing the level of students, to using anatomical imagery and metaphorical cues, this book covers a wide range of teaching topics for beginning and master teachers alike.

Author: Eric Franklin. Softcover. 68 pages. Illustrated.

Franklin Method® Balls and Bands

Franklin Balls are offered in a variety of sizes, densities and textures for massage, deep muscle penetration, and for exercises in the Franklin Method books. A needle inflating pump is available to adjust firmness of the balls to your level of comfort.

Knee Glide® from Bob & Brad®

Knee Glide®

Developed by physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, this easy-to-use tool is ideal for rehabilitation of the lower and upper extremities at home or in the clinic. For individuals recovering from knee replacement surgeries (ACL, PCL), hip replacement or fracture, shoulder replacement or surgeries, or stroke, Knee Glide can be used to help improve joint strength, promote synovial fluid and increase blood flow.

Includes exercise instructions. Weight: 3 lbs.

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Mobilization Straps™ and Wedges

Mulligan Mobilisation Belt™

Expertly designed for one-handed adjustment, this belt also offers a side-release buckle for convenient release during mobilizations.

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With multiple strap loops that allow for greater personal control of each stretch, this unique stretching aid assists in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, calf, thigh, hip and low back strains and injuries.

Patented. Non-returnable.

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Pain Neuroscience Tools by Adriaan Louw


Ouch! Why Do I Hurt?

A Children's Workbook and Guide to Understanding Pain

This workbook and guide includes stories, metaphors, colorful illustrations and activities to help teach kids about the body’s amazing protective system—the nervous system. Kids will learn how pain works and healthy ways to manage pain when they experience it. Writing, drawing and coloring activities help kids discover steps they can take to start feeling better, while also improving comprehension of the information in the book.

Authors: Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD; Jennifer Welter, PT, DPT; and Jessie Podolak, PT, DPT. Softcover. 40 pages. Illustrated. Non-returnable.

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Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine in Physical Therapy

A guide for primary care, health promotion, and disease prevention

This first-of-its-kind text provides educators and clinicians with the foundational knowledge to treat, manage, and prevent chronic disease. Authored by global leaders in education, research and clinical practice, this resource provides best practices for using lifestyle and integrative approaches including diet and nutrition, physical activity, stress management and mindfulness, sleep and relaxation, and avoiding harmful substances to address chronic health conditions.

Authors: Written by co-editors Ginger Garner, PT, DPT, ATC/L, and Joe Tatta, PT, DPT, with 39 contributing authors. Softcover. 392 pages.


Zoe & Zak’s Pain Hacks

Pain education books for kids

This series of five books was designed to help children understand and talk about pain. The first four books each address one key target concept, the fifth book brings these learning outcomes together with an empowering action plan. Used together, these books are targeted pain science education at its best. This series can help children living with chronic pain, parents and caregivers, clinicians and teachers.

Author: Joshua W. Pate, PhD. Sold as a series, includes five books. Hardcover. 28-40 pages each.

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