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Box Sale

These high performance foam rollers stand up to heavy use and are ideal for myofascial release, stretching, balance, and core exercises.

Save on six 36"L x 6"DIA. rollers for a limited time.

PRO-ROLLER® Foam Rollers

Box of six standard, soft or super soft foam rollers


for a box of six

(Equals $31.50 each)

Built to outperform and outlast store model foam rollers, these professional-quality foam rollers feature highly durable EVA foam that allows for heavy, repeated use in the gym, studio, clinic or at home. Choose from standard and/or soft density.

Sale ends September 30, 2022

PRO-ROLLER® Standard Blue
PRO-ROLLER® Standard Green
PRO-ROLLER® Super Soft Blue

(3 Soft Blue and 3 Standard Blue)

MIX AND MATCH: Create a custom box of any six PRO-ROLLER® foam rollers. Call 888.819.0121 to order.

AXIS® Foam Rollers

Box of six moderate and/or firm density rollers


for a box of six

(Equals $16.50 each)

Designed to perform in demanding sports medicine, physical therapy and high-use Pilates and yoga sessions, AXIS rollers are constructed from heat-molded foam beads and will not break down or lose their shape after moderate to heavy use.

Sale ends September 30, 2022

Black AXIS® Foam Rollers
Silver AXIS® Foam Rollers
AXIS® Mixed Box

(3 Moderate and 3 Firm)

MIX AND MATCH: Create a custom box of any six AXIS® foam rollers. Call 888.819.0121 to order.

The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Rolls and Supports

For more than 35 years, these durable, high-quality lumbar rolls and supports have helped hundreds of thousands achieve freedom from low back and neck pain. A variety of sizes and densities are available to meet your needs. The Original McKenzie® Signature Series is crafted from the finest materials, featuring a luxurious suede-type fabric, embroidered detail and removable, adjustable straps.

The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll™
The Original McKenzie® Early Compliance™ Lumbar Roll™
The Original McKenzie® D-Section™ Lumbar Roll™
The Original McKenzie® SlimLine™ Lumbar Support
The Original McKenzie® SuperRoll™ Lumbar Support
The Original McKenzie® Cervical Roll™
The Original McKenzie® Signature Lumbar Roll™
The Original McKenzie® Signature SuperRoll™ Lumbar Support
The Original McKenzie® Signature SlimLine™ Lumbar Support

Franklin Method® Books and Tools

Franklin Method® Ball, Band and Imagery Exercises for Relaxed and Flexible Shoulders, Neck and Thorax

Second Edition

This updated second edition includes new guidance, new photography and new imagery exercises, including exercises featuring Franklin Bands to awaken your proprioceptors, body awareness and breathing patterns for the complete mind-body exploration experience.

Author: Eric Franklin. Softcover. 64 pages. Photo-illustrated. 2nd ed.

Franklin Method® Balls and Bands

Franklin Mini Roll™
Franklin Smooth Ball™ Set
Franklin Textured Ball™ Set
Franklin Small Blue Textured Ball™ Set
Franklin Band™ Set

NEW from Yoav Suprun

Aging Without Aching

Relieve pain, improve your posture, move better and stop kvetching

Written for people who want to age better, with less pain and more vitality, this book provides strategies for functional movement, proper ergonomics and body mechanics, and better posture.

Author: Yoav Suprun, DPT, OCS, Dip. MDT, CSCS. Softcover. 80 pages.

NEW from David Butler and Lorimer Moseley

Pain and Perception

A Closer Look at Why We Hurt

This visually stunning, fun, and accessible read uses illusions that challenge our assumptions on how perception actually works to provide a better understanding of pain, helping readers respond to it more effectively.

Authors: Daniel S. Harvie, PhD, M. Musc. Sports Physio., BPhty (Hons), MACP; & G. Lorimer Moseley, DSc, PhD, FAAHMS, FPMANZCA, FACP. Hardcover. 44 pages.

Epiphaknee: A Modern Approach to Knee Osteoarthritis

An Explain Pain Handbook

Based on scientific research and discoveries, this empowering book reveals the underlying factors that contribute to knee OA and provides guidance on treatment and recovery.

Authors: Professor G. Lorimer Moseley, DSc, PhD, FAAHMS, FPMANZCA, FACP; Associate Professor David Butler, Ed D, B Phty, GDAMT, M App Sc, PT; & Tasha R. Stanton, BScPT, MSc, PhD. Softcover. 86 pages.

Noigroup Books and Resources

Pain education books and resources from Noigroup help provide hope to pain sufferers by educating them on how pain works and helping them make informed choices on their road to recovery. Popular books and resources include Explain Pain, Explain Pain Supercharged, the Explain Pain Poster Collection, Recognise Flash Cards, and the NOI Mirror Box Triangle.

Explain Pain
The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer
Painful Yarns
The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook
Explain Pain Poster Collection
NOI Mirror Box Triangle

PRO Shoulder Support

Designed for post-surgical rehabilitation, overhead athletes, individuals recovering from injury or experiencing arthritis, and anytime relief, this support helps with shoulder pain, soreness and muscle fatigue. By elevating and decompressing the shoulder joint it counteracts gravity and the weight of the arm, which helps decrease pain and soreness. The support features an adjustable strap and can be worn while working on the computer, sleeping, watching TV, or any time you need relief.

Introducing the PRO Shoulder Support™

Professional and Personal Wedges

Professional Wedge™

This solid, lightweight wedge improves the comfort of supine patients, while localizing mobilization forces and facilitating a number of exercises. Use to:

  • Elevate the lower extremities
  • Perform lower-extremity exercise
  • Place the joints and muscles of the low back into a neutral position

Featuring a soft, durable vinyl, the wedge has a convenient carrying strap and may be cleaned with soap and water. Add the color code to the end of the product number to order: Dark Blue (2), Black (7) and Gray (8).

Personal Wedge™

Enables patients to rest and recover in greater comfort. Because it’s available for a fraction of the cost of the Professional Wedge, patients can have their own Personal Wedge for use in hospital beds and/or at home. The diagonal step-cut and two-piece construction of the wedge facilitates height adjustment as well as positioning versatility. Constructed of combustion-modified polyurethane foam.

Pain Neuroscience Education Tools from Adriaan Louw

Understanding, Evaluating, and Treating Pain

For the PT and PTA Student

Written by four world-renowned physical therapists/pain science experts, this text is based on current guidelines for PT school curriculums. It includes must-know information about the causes of pain and how to effectively treat it. The book includes the following chapters: Pain; The neuroscience of pain; Psychosocial aspects of pain; Clinical reasoning of pain mechanisms; Physical therapy assessment of pain; Treating pain; Treating pain: education; Treating pain: movement; Treating pain: calming the nervous system; Interprofessional treatment of pain; Pharmacology and pain; Special health conditions, diagnoses, populations, and clinical setting considerations.

Authors: Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD; Emilio Puentedura, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, GDMT, FAAOMPT; Stephen Schmidt, PT, MPhysio, OCS, FAAOMPT & Kory Zimney, PT, DPT, PhD. Softcover. 224 pages. Illustrated. Non-returnable.

More Adriaan Louw Resources

Why Do I Hurt?®
Why Do I Hurt? Workbook
Why You Hurt: Pain Neuroscience Education System
Pain Neuroscience Education: Teaching People About Pain
Your Fibromyalgia Workbook

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Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine in Physical Therapy

A guide for primary care, health promotion, and disease prevention

This first-of-its-kind text provides educators and clinicians with the foundational knowledge to treat, manage, and prevent chronic disease. Authored by global leaders in education, research and clinical practice, this resource provides best practices for using lifestyle and integrative approaches including diet and nutrition, physical activity, stress management and mindfulness, sleep and relaxation, and avoiding harmful substances to address chronic health conditions.

Authors: Written by co-editors Ginger Garner, PT, DPT, ATC/L, and Joe Tatta, PT, DPT, with 39 contributing authors. Softcover. 392 pages.

Coming soon

Self-Care for Pelvic Pain

A Sensory Integration Toolkit

Written for people who are experiencing groin pain, genital pain, or pain while sitting, riding a bike, or having sex, this helpful guide explains the different types of pain, as well as common pelvic conditions. It then introduces sensory integration, which is a way to gently retrain your system, including the painful areas, the nervous system, and your brain. Using the balls in the Sensory Integration Toolkit (SIT KIT) and the sensory integration techniques in the book, you can use pleasurable sensation and fun movement to improve your body’s ability to tolerate normal pressures.

Author: Sandra Hilton, PT, DPT, MS. Softcover. 64 pages.

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