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OPTP Adds New “io-ball” to Product Lineup

OPTP is now the exclusive distributor of a popular new health and fitness product called the io-ball. The io-ball, created by healthcare professional Andrea Burkhardt, is an elliptical-shaped, inflatable exercise ball.
The io-ball’s unique shape provides creative opportunities for movement. It can be used horizontally or vertically, allowing the user to increase the difficulty of standard movements or bring freshness to the routine with entirely new exercises.  
Its compact, lightweight design allows for comfortable, effective movement in a variety of disciplines such as Pilates, yoga, physical therapy, massage therapy and active aging exercise.
Suitable for all levels of training, the io-ball can be used in the home, studio, gym or office. Its small size also makes it easy to transport.
Benefits of use include:
·       Improved balance and coordination
·       Increased strength and flexibility
·       Enhanced focus and concentration
·       Activation of core muscles
·       Release of tension, massage of tight muscles
Purchase of the io-ball includes a poster with five starter exercises. For more information or to purchase, visit the io-ball product page or call OPTP at 800.367.7393.
About Andrea Burkhardt
Andrea is the inventor of the io-ball as well as the founder of its parent company, Staby. She is a consultant at the Kneipp School in Germany and is a certified fitness trainer, having been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for 15 years. She is also certified in manual therapy, and is the owner of Vitalmed fitness and health center in Germany.

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