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Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain, Volume 1 - Final Sale

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Introducing a systematic, evidence-based, patient-focused and relationship-centered approach to the treatment of low back pain.

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Internationally recognized clinician, author and researcher Dr. Donald R. Murphy delivers an organized clinical model for the diagnosis and management of low back disorders. A valuable tool for chiropractors, physical therapists, medical doctors and anyone treating people with low back disorders, Murphy's Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain™ (CRISP™) protocols offer a means to integrate divergent findings, organize clinical data, form diagnoses and design effective management strategies.
Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain, Vol. 1 will:
  • teach students and new practitioners about optimal care for low back disorders.
  • further hone the skills of experienced practitioners.
  • deliver tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.
  • provide an innovative, evidence-based model of clinical reasoning based on the biopsychosocial understanding of low back disorders.
Written by Dr. Donald R. Murphy. 159 photos and illustrations. Softcover; 307 pages.

Section I: Background
 1. Principles of Primary Spine Care
 2. The Etiology of Low Back Disorders—The Biopsychosocial Approach
Section II: Diagnosis Using the Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain™ Protocols
 3. Taking a Thorough and Efficient History
 4. Diagnostic Question #1: Are the symptoms with which the patient is presenting reflective of a visceral problem or a potentially serious or life-threatening illness?
 5. Diagnostic Question # 2: Where is the pain coming from?
 6. Diagnostic Question #3: What has happened with this person as a whole that would cause the pain experience to develop and persist?
 7. Establishing a Diagnosis, Clinical Decision Making and Outcome Measurement
Section III: Management Based on the Clinical Reasoning in Spine Pain Protocols
 8. Principles of Effective Patient Management
 9. General Management Strategies
 10. Treatment Approaches for Diagnostic Question #2
 11. Treatment Approaches for Diagnostic Question #3
 12. Maximum Medical Improvement, Aftercare and Clinical Decisions Regarding Patients Who Do Not Improve
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